Leave the 99: A Prayer of Adoration

Before I do one more thing today God…
I want to sit in your presence.
I want to sit at your feet.
I want to see your face.

Before I file my nails, lotion my hands, or even start remote working….
I want to take a moment for you.
I want to take a moment for us.
I want to spend time with my King.

Before I think another thought today God…
I want to think about you.
I want to think about your goodness.
I want to ponder your love.

Before I make one more move God…
I want to rest in you.
Rest in the reality of your presence & your Word.

The Word that never returns to you void.
The Word that is forever in my heart and creates the Praise on my lips.

I want to rest in the Word that says…

You will never leave me nor forsake me…

You will always be my fortress in whom I trust…

You will forever leave the 99 and come after the 1 – me.

This morning before I do anything thing else….any of the 99 other things I have to think on… I will come after you – my 1.

Afterall your Word does say “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God…”


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