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Dr. G.L. Fashaw and Stephanie Fashaw are natives of South Florida. They were married in December 1986 and through this union they have two wonderful children, Gregory M. and Shekinah and two beautiful granddaughters.

As a student-athlete at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical (Florida A&M) University in 1979, G.L. Fashaw gave his heart to God. During that time, his friend and roommate, Emory Collier, encouraged him to attend a non-denominational ministry where he devoted himself wholeheartedly to reading and studying the Word of God. In Tallahassee, Florida Gregory met Dr. Helena Barrington, an anointed vessel of God, who flows in the gifts of miracles. He sat under her tutelage and served as her armor-bearer until he was release by God to do the work of an Evangelist.

Prophet G.L. received his credentials and has served in various offices and capacities in non-denominational churches. They both were licensed and ordained in 1992 to do the work of an Evangelist/Pastor and they also received license and were ordained by Apostle/Prophet Emory Collier of Fire and Hammer Ministries International, in December 2009. Bishop Kenneth and Dr. Helena Barrington, were affiliated with the Metropolitan Church at that time, and were a part of the ordination council along with other distinguished men and women of God of the prophetic presbytery. Dr. G.L. Fashaw received a honorary doctoral degree in May 2016.

August 2010, Dr. G.L. and Stephanie Fashaw were divinely inspired by God to begin His Touch Restoration Training Center, Inc., a progressive young ministry that experiences divine growth by the leading and guiding of Holy Spirit. They are believers, doers and teachers of the Word of God. His Touch Restoration Training Center’s motto is simply “Obey God” in order to win the lost.

Dr G.L. and Prophetess Fashaw are true worshipers. There is an anointing on their lives for healing and it is often seen through the channel of worship. Spontaneously, Holy Spirit would download melodies and lyrics that often opens the way for an impartation for healing and deliverance for the people of God.  

They are well-respected Leaders in their community and in the Household of Faith. They are known for notable phrases, especially," Miracles are easy for God". Dr. G.L. and Prophetess Stephanie Fashaw are believers who knows the voice of "The Most High God". They love to teach others how to experience God and how to enter into His presence.