Professor Rollercoaster: The Year of Highs and Lows

This past year has been a ton of ups and downs, good then bad, and then good again. I felt every high and every dip. For better or for worse, this rollercoaster of a year has been the source of great learning. One day I will be more forthcoming about what happened over the last year but imagine what you must, because for now that’s only for select people to access – all you need to know is – it was rough spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically – but here I still stand :D. 

Now you’re probably wondering – it’s March, not January, why is she publishing this now? Well for 1 – it takes me a minute to process and prepare myself to share. And 2 – March always has a special place in my heart because of March 20th. 3/20 always reminds me of my favorite scripture – Ephesians 3/20 and this year 3/20 happens every day in March (3/2020 – get it?). For some folks March is special because of 3/14 – Pi Day 😉 – and I like that day too! 

But enough of that, let me just tell you what I learned over the past year – it was simply to see through the eyes of Christ. Funny thing is, it’s a very simple concept yet a pretty difficult action – “easier said than done” that is. But so many things hinge on us seeing through the eyes of Christ, let me share 3 big takeaways:

Those ups and downs I experienced, every high and every dip, would’ve felt like nothing – because with God’s “eternal” sight, I would have had my eyes on Him the entire time. People say “eyes on the prize” but if I’ve learned anything in the past 20-some-odd years, it’s that if we keep our eyes on Him first, he will establish every prize we desire (Matthew 6:33) and those we haven’t even thought of (Ephesians 3:20). At the end of the day, had my eyes been on Him alone I would’ve known that the highs on day one were nothing compared to what would come months later. And more importantly, I would’ve known that those dips were simply stepping stones and catapults perfectly positioning me for the next level of greatness.

“Seeing through the eyes of Christ allows us to see our future more than our present or past.”

The lows that came in the form of insecurities and the highs that came in the form of pride, would’ve felt like nothing – because with God’s “I know all the hairs on your head” type of sight (Luke 12:7), I would’ve been confident in who I was no matter what life… no correction- what the world threw at me.  Often times we say “life is throwing us curve balls” but Christ is life and He wouldn’t do that – so now we know that it’s just the enemy (and to be honest, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy). Either way, seeing through the eyes of Christ not only allows us to see our future the way He sees it, but it allows us to see ourselves the way He sees us

The good that came in the shape of new friends and the bad that came in the shape of broken relationships, although real, would’ve felt like “nothing” if only I saw those events through God’s “my timing is perfect and I know best” sight. Truth is there is a season for everything and everyone under the sun. If I would’ve viewed my friendships, relationships, and partnerships through the eyes of Christ – the shiny new friend probably wouldn’t have shimmered as much, and the rejection probably would have seemed like a blessing. God’s plans for us are PERFECT (Jeremiah 29:11-12) and sometimes that requires adding, and sometimes that requires pruning. “Aaaaallllls” I know is, the relationships that were broken, the partnerships that I was rejected from, the “friends” that I lost were all in God’s perfect timing and to fulfill God’s perfect plan. Someone had to betray Jesus – hello, Judas – and someone had to deny Him – okay, Peter. Seeing through the eyes of Christ allows us to know who’s here to stay and who’s here to play (games!) but either way, God uses them all to help elevate us (Romans 8:28). 

Since this is the month & year of 320 (March-03 Year-2020) please expect me to draw from Ephesians often because there is housed my most favorite “320”! Ephesians 3:20 that is, written by one of my most favorite dudes: Paul. In a part 2 blog/bible study I’ll show you how Paul and the Prophet Elisha both pray that others can see through the eyes of Christ. 

But let me just end here by saying vision is what gives us direction. Because my eyes were set on every up & down, I felt every up & down. Now that I have decided to set my eyes on Christ – my path has been smoothed (Isaiah 26:7-17). The world teaches that the patch to success is winding and turbulent, but with God as a lamp unto our feet & a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105), and our eyes fixed through His those ups and downs will only be testimonies of how the enemy TRIED to take us out. 

Without seeing through the eyes of Christ the enemy did take me out in some senses, but I’ve decided to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-19) including some new high tech “smart glasses” that allow me to see differently. Moving forward I won’t lose sight of where God says I’m going, who I am, or who people are around me, thanks to Professor Rollercoaster and my new found vision.   

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